Just last week Apple has released a new iOS 13.3 update with an extremely important security update. The update allows the use of USB-C, NFC, and Lightning physical security devices with Apple’s Safari browser.

This means that strong FIDO2 authentication in applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and many others can now be natively used on Apple phones.

Various other big brands like Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox or Twitter have already started supporting FIDO2 web authentication standard. Apple was the last big brand that was still missing it, until now.  Since December 2019 Apple has started to natively support the web authentication standard in its iOS operating system.

This is a huge thing for all iPhone users because now they can take full advantage of the security that physical key brings.

To learn more about what FIDO 2 standard is and how it can slowly replace passwords with safer and stronger authentication you can go ahead and read the full story here. It explains pretty well what  WebAuthn is, how far are we from a passwordless future.  

You can also check the video from the most recent talk from Marcin Szary, Secfense CTO and co-founder where he explained how this new open authentication standard can be easily introduced and deployed within entire organizations on all web applications.

The future without passwords & phishing - a few words on the Webauthn/FIDO2 and its easy integration