We have just recently finalized two new POCs (proofs of concept) performed for two large organizations. The result - finding out that the biggest added value that we offer is not the one that thought it was...

If you follow our blog and social media publications you already know that we position ourselves as 2FA enabler. Two-factor authentication was a number one thing that we always mentioned  when doing a sales pitch or a demo session.

Our first video animation that we have done in the past was focused on positioning us as a 2FA enabler.

Two recent Proof of Concept projects (POC) that we have done has proven that there's much more value in what we didn't say rather than in what we were saying all the time.

So below you will find our two recent use cases that show the benefits that Secfense brings from a new angle.

POC done for a large e-commerce business:

E-commerce right next to financial sector is the industry that's most affected by hostile data theft attempts. Either it's phishing intending to trick a individual user or an attempt to breach internal data and blackmail the company, it's the ecommerce that most often pops up at cybersecurity news here and there. The e-commerce business that we were working with operates on the European market therefore it's covered by European GDPR privacy policies. Earlier in 2019 on of the other e-commerce sites on the local market was sentenced a big fine for allowing data breach to happen.  That made a customer that we are working with look for solutions that could help them protect against such risks, and that's why they decided to try our solution. Here's how it looked like.    

Use Case: Secfense User Access Security Broker secured connection of a large number of users from external locations to applications in an external shared data center

Goal: The objective was to replace the VPN with a better solution that does not require installation of any extra plugins on the application or on the client-side.

Result: In the result of Secfense implementation no VPN is necessary any longer to access a web application. In addition, the application has received a strong protection against phishing risks.

Challenge: Due to the fact that the project involved a custom application it was not possible to make it accessible in the external network due to possible vulnerabilities

POC done for a large IT organization from the public sector:

Another organization that we have just recently worked with on the proof of concept was a public organization responsible for implementation of IT projects for the public sector in Poland. The agency ensures that the most important computer systems in the country work without flaws. The proof of concept involved the following.

Use case: Secfense was meant to be used to record, manage and secure a connection of a large number of users to external web applications

Goal: The objective was to control the access and increase the security of web application users without interfering with the applications code and user workstations.

The result:  In the result of implementing Secfense User Access Security Broker the admins gained control over security of external users and guaranteeing the security of their data in the external application.

Challenge: The security applies to both custom and 'out-of-the-box' applications. With one solution both applications exposed to the Internet and those in the local network are protected.

When writing this story we have already started working on a next proof of concept for another large scale organization. Additionally since it's the end of the year we are working on our event calendar for 2020 so soon you will find out where you can meet us, chat with us and schedule a demo to see how Secfense User Access Security Broker works on your application.  

To read our previous story about use cases from 2019 you can visit our story here.

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